Like everything else in life, the state of our business is temporary… Join me in learning to embrace the ups and downs, and trust that things will turn around.


Our businesses are always in a temporary state, things are always changing. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down, whatever state we’re in, it’s temporary. So when your business is down, don’t freak out!

We want to learn to trust ourselves and trust our businesses and know that things are going to turn around. And when things are really up, don’t overspend! Because this too is going to change. Businesses and companies are incredibly dynamic, as are entrepreneurs. We are dynamic and complex, and so things are constantly changing.

I think that the mindset of embracing the temporary nature of the state of our companies – and any moment in time, is a really powerful mindset because it helps us get detached, get unattached to the way things are in the moment, to not take it too seriously.

So look, when your business is up, like I said- don’t overspend. And when your business is down, don’t fret. Things will turn around. And there’s two things you can do to turn things around when business is a little down, coming from this context at least. One is: chill out. Take a nap, take your focus off of the current state of your business, and get renewed and refreshed. And use that to do number two: to get in action. Action produces results. It takes the time for you to be taking action over and over and over consistently- it’s the action that’s going to move the needle in your business, but over time that is exactly what will produce the results to get your business back on the upside.~