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Erin Joy’s Inner Circle

About Erin Joy’s Inner Circle:

We’ve heard it loud and clear: Women business owners are hungry to connect with other women entrepreneurs dealing with the complex challenges (and opportunities!) of running sophisticated businesses.

Why? They know they can learn so much from one another and leverage the crowdsourced knowledge and shortcutted learning to grow better businesses.

The problem? These same women are also regularly stretched by priorities and feel hard-pressed to take time on a regular basis to work ON their business rather than IN their business…even though doing exactly that would help business massively in the long run.

Does this sound like you? I have something I think you’ll like…

What if you could come together with other women business owners just like you, with a time commitment of just 4 hours per session, once per month for 8 months, and get all of the following:

  • Emotional support
  • Insider information on strategies that are working (and not working) for your peers
  • A tribe of supporters who believe in you (even on days you don’t believe in yourself)
  • Solutions to vexing questions and roadblocks and avoidance of expensive mistakes through crowdsourced knowledge
  • More confidence and clarity so you can take the right strategic actions to minimize missteps and reach your goals
  • The ability to treat the cause, not the symptom by resolving underlying foundational issues with your business
  • Increased productivity by staying focused and accountable
  • Insight into psychology-focused mindsets to help in your approach to business and life
  • A confidential, non-judgmental, non-competitive environment for you to bring any topic you’re struggling with
  • Peer-to-peer interaction in a small-group setting, acting as part support group, part think tank to provide the support you need to help grow and lead your business
  • A trained facilitator (me, Erin Joy) to make sure conversations stay focused and productive

Plus…you have nothing to lose with a money back guarantee!*

What You Get With This Program:

  • Monthly Inner Circle Sessions: One 4-hour Inner Circle session per month for 8 months with fellow high-performing women business owners, dedicated to knowledge-sharing and issue-solving. We will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in June from 1- 5pm in person**
  • Erin’s Golden Rolodex: Get access to Erin’s network of resources to help you cut through red tape and hurdles so you can get things done, as well as a roster of your fellow roundtable members
  • The Texting Connection: Get instant, unlimited access to your tribe of fellow Inner Circle members and other Erin Joy clients via our private client chat in the Erin Joy app, so you can connect and get questions answered between sessions
  • The Erin’ Joy app: Get Erin “in your pocket”, with on-the-fly thoughts + premier access to almost all areas
  • Networking: Refuel in-person connectivity through online or socially-distanced networking events
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you attend all sessions and don’t have at least one major shift during our time together.


$3,960 total package price
Eight monthly payments of $495 Or, save 5% with prepay.
Plus, access to discounted rates for additional 1:1 sessions with Erin

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**The Inner Circle is for St. Louis-based women business owners and CEOs. We will meet in person for each of the 8 sessions. In the case of a surge with the ever-changing pandemic, we will continue to meet in person but will require masks.




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