Did you know you have a second brain? And you don’t even have to work it that hard, you just have to LISTEN to what it says…


If there’s anything I’ve learned in my ten years operating Black Dress Circle, it’s that we have to trust our gut.

The Entrepreneur’s relationship with her gut is one of the most important, and so many people don’t trust themselves – and that is a critical area of personal development; is to be able to trust your gut. The gut is called “the second brain” in functional medicine and holistic health, because our gut never leads us stray.

So maybe you have advisors and coaches and consultants around you who give you advice and make recommendations, but when it all comes down to it, my recommendation to my clients, my recommendation to you, the coaching I’m giving myself: is to trust your gut. To trust *my* gut, in my own case.

And so I’m encouraging you to keep this mind, and work on trusting yourself. You know if that’s the salesperson that you should hire or not. You know if you need to let that employee go now or if you should give them another try. You know if it’s right to go in this direction versus this direction, for your next strategic move.

And one of the most important things we can do is silence ourselves more often, be quiet, be contemplative, be alone – whether it’s going for a drive or my favorite activity is taking a warm bath, that’s where I do so much of my deep thinking. That is where we can really hear what it is that our gut is telling us.

So if there’s anything you can take away from all these videos that I’ve been making and sharing with you – me and the kitty cat here, she’s climbing up on this desk whether I want it or not! -Let’s all focus on trusting our gut. ~