Are you drowning? Maybe it’s time to start saying no, so that you can start saying yes….


Learning to love “no”. It’s a big journey that I’m on, and suspect you are as well. I think that as entrepreneurs we can drown in opportunities. We don’t have a shortage of opportunities, we perhaps have a shortage of time to fulfill on all of the opportunities that we might want to pursue.

I am on a big mission to really strengthen my muscle around saying no. I have a lot of difficulty doing that! I don’t want to let people down – and yet, when I’m saying yes to someone else, I’m letting myself down, if that thing that I’m saying yes to isn’t aligned with my goals and my plans.

See, I am really committed to saying yes to myself, and to do that I have to say no to some of the opportunities that come my way. I have to say no to some of the time wasters that perhaps I have been layering into my own calendar, let alone the things that other people have been asking me to do.

So I’m encouraging you to join me in slowing down, and to be thinking more clearly or perhaps more deeply about what your goals really are and what actions are truly aligned with those goals – so that you can say no to all of the actions and opportunities that aren’t aligned. When we say no to one thing, it means we’re saying yes to something else. What is the thing you want to say yes to? It also means that if we’re saying yes, we’re saying no to something else.

And we want to make sure that we’re giving our yes’s in the right place so that we can really advance our goals in the most graceful and elegant way possible. Join me, I’m going on the mission my friends… to say no. ~