What’s your vision for the future? Can you see it? Feel it? Taste it? Touch it?

How do you feel about it? Do you sometimes feel like it’s too big? Too small? Let’s talk…


It’s absolutely critical that your vision for yourself and your business is super clear in your mind’s eye.

Now when I’m talking about vision and entrepreneurial vision, I am not talking about the formal version of vision that we talk about when we think about “mission, vision & values” -I’m talking about what you see for yourself and your business in your mind’s eye. And I want to encourage you to get that vision super, super clear.

And not only to get is clear but to make peace with it. You see, there’s no one right vision, or one scale of vision. Maybe you feel like your vision is so big, how could you ever actually accomplish it? Well make peace with it because it’s your vision! And you don’t have to know how you’re going to accomplish it. Or maybe you feel like your vision is too small, and that you’re not thinking big enough – that’s okay too! You don’t have to have a grandiose large vision.

Whatever your vision is for yourself and your business, it’s the right vision. And the challenge for all of us is to get it so clear in our mind’s eye, that we can see it, we can feel it, we can taste it, we can touch it. And when it actually comes into fruition and into reality, it comes to pass in our lives, we say “well of course that happened! I’ve seen it in my mind’s eye for all these years.”

So join me over this next week or so, in really practicing getting your vision super clear. ~