A couple of things to be focusing on right now to bring more of “you” forward into your business—so you can produce more results…


There’s a couple of things you can be doing as an entrepreneur right now to set yourself up for success. The first thing is: I want you to be dealing with yourself as holistically as possible.

Business owners tend to get very narrowly focused on the business only. And what my research is showing, is that one of the best things we can do, is to expand our focus a little bit beyond our business, and make sure that we are tending to all of the areas of our life. That’s now always easy to do as a highly focused business owner… you know often times entrepreneurs don’t have hobbies- work IS our hobby, and that’s perfectly okay – but are you taking good care of yourself? Are you tending to your diet, your sleep, moving your body a little bit, connecting with your friends and your family in a way that’s safe and that is supportive and uplifting for you – that is good for your business?

Here’s the other thing you can be focused on right now: setting goals for 2021 that are both financial and non-financial. So a lot of times business owners have financial goals and they don’t necessarily have non-financial goals. They have them but they may not be well stated, well written, all documented in one place.

So there’s this holistic approach that I’m really advocating for – both how you deal with yourself as well as how you look at and think about your business. So you can set those financial goals, but as well as non-financial goals; let’s say things like the number of social media hits that you want to get from your publicity efforts in 2021, of maybe a new area of the business that you really want to expand, or technology that you want to upgrade. Those would all be examples of non-financial goals. So let’s deal with ourselves as holistically as possible. And what I know is that when we do that, there’s more of US that we bring forward into our business, and that produces results.