It may seem counterintuitive… but can you welcome new growth out of ruin? They are often the same animal…


If there was ever a mindset that I really really wanted you to adopt, it’s this one: it’s the idea that destruction and creation are the same continuum in our lives and in our businesses.  This idea that when things fall apart in our business, in our lives, it is the beginning of some creation. There is room being made for us to create something extraordinary.

It’s hard for us to remember when we’re going through the process of destruction – things are falling apart, relationships are blowing up, we’re firing people, our businesses are failing, we’re getting rid of business partners.. but it is the space, it is the phase that creates room for what we’re going to create. And I think that what we create is usually an even more authentic expression of ourselves, of who we are now.

We have to destroy these old structures in our lives to create something new. So I want you to think about all of the times that things didn’t go your way, that things have blown up, and how that has been the beginning of the seed of success for what’s new for you- and what’s right for you. What brings you more into alignment with who you really are.

So join me in this mindset around -destruction and creation are the same continuum. ~