Confession: I’m a ‘runaway’. And you probably are too, and may not even realize. But we have what it takes to put a stop to it. Let’s talk…


What is it that you want to create? That- discomfort, and the fear of discomfort- the fear of being uncomfortable, might be stopping you? I want to talk about the mindset of getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable.

So I recently had a really delicious experience in my life, that has caused a massive breakthrough with my willingness to be uncomfortable. And I suspect that you are like me, like there are things that you want to accomplish in life. There are things that you want to do to grow your business, but it’s scary and it feels really bad, in your body perhaps, when you’re standing there on the edge of that fear, and when you’re standing there with the discomfort.

And what I used to do when I got too uncomfortable, I would just kind of run away. Is there a better way to say that? I don’t think so.. that’s what I would do- I would run away. I would numb myself, I would hide, and I would stop pursuing the things that were important to me. And what I have found is that when I am just standing right there with the discomfort, and I am assuring myself -because it’s true- when I am assuring myself that I have what it takes to be with this fear, that I can handle the discomfort, that it’s not going to kill me. When I can just stand right there, with the fear, with the discomfort, and I can get comfortable in that space of being uncomfortable, it doesn’t take long for a breakthrough to happen where I’m now on the other side of it.

And on the other side of it, anything is possible. And so I want to encourage you to lean in hard with me, on the places where you feel uncomfortable. And to get really comfortable being uncomfortable, and it’s going to happen through practice. And your business is going to grow and be more satisfying, and your personal life will expand… the more that you can -just like me- get comfortable, being uncomfortable. ~