Burnout. It’s an ugly word, and an ugly feeling. And it’s starting to creep up on a LOT of people lately, so here are 3 quick tips that’ll help you climb back out of the hole you’re slipping into…


Are you burnt out? So many people are right now and so I have some thoughts for you today- some mindsets for you today, about either avoiding burnout, or if you have already kind of gone down that path- recovering from burnout.

The first thing I want to recommend to you off of my notes right here- is to cancel, pause, or renegotiate any agreements that are draining your energy. So this is something that you might want to do with a coach, with a consultant, with an advisor. It can be hard to cancel, pause, and renegotiate agreements but it’s often exactly what needs to be done. That’s something that we recently did here at Black Dress Circle and it’s making a big difference; freeing up some time in the calendar, freeing me up mentally and emotionally by not being weighted down by things that don’t fit anymore in this environment. So cancel, pause, renegotiate agreements.

Secondly, create boundaries! So maybe you need to create some boundaries to protect yourself. You know, one of my recent boundaries is letting my family know well in advance not to expect to see me in person, indoors, through the holidays, through these winter months. So that’s a boundary that I have set, and I communicated it early and in advance so that there’s no question and it’s easier for me to then manage that boundary.

Next, really improve and increase your self care. I’m not talking about going on a diet and exercising every day. Here are some of my self care practices that make a difference for me: I go to bed as early as I can. It is not uncommon for me to be in bed at 8 o’clock, 8:30 at night. So, go to bed earlier. Secondly, move your body just a little bit. Just a little bit of stretching every day can go a long way. Maybe set a low bar of just five minutes a day of sitting on the floor and doing some stretching.

And lastly, my personal favorite: take a warm bath every evening if you can. If you have a bathtub, a warm bath to just reflect on the day, and wash the day away and think about the next day is an absolute game changer. I take a bath almost every single night and it’s part of my “secret recipe” if you will, my “secret sauce” of staying well, and staying well is good for my business~