What’s your ‘one thing’? I know mine. Let’s chat for a sec…


I have a really important mindset for you today, and it is the mindset of being focused.

Look, we are coming up on a time when we are going to have the typical holiday volatility, and it’s colder, and we are in pandemic. So staying focused- being focused and staying focused is critical. And the mindset that I want you to take on with me is focusing on the one thing that’s going to move the needle for you now through the end of the year.

So we have about forty-five days until the end of the year – and what is the one thing that need or want to make happen by the end of the year? I know there’s so many things that we can be working on, but there might be something that’s a little bit on the sidelines – that if you brought it to the forefront and said “this is the thing that I’m going to accomplish by the end of the year –  I’m going to advance and I’m going to focus on it.” I think that’s the name of the game!

I’ve got my one thing; my one thing that was in the sidelines has to do with my plan for my podcast and my YouTube channel, that if I didn’t put that out there as my one thing, I wouldn’t be getting to it right now. I’ve got so many other priorities. But I am being focused, on what’s going to move the needle for me in 2021. So I’m already doing all the things to build my core business, but I’ve got these other things that I am moving forward – or should I say this one thing, that I am moving forward. So join me in really finishing strong and being focused on the one thing that you want to make happen by the end of the year. Don’t just think about it though – WRITE IT DOWN! Write it down, create a little post-it note, a couple of post-it notes, keep those in your environment, around you so that they’re right in front of your face, schedule time in your calendar to actually work on your one thing… Alright, see you soon!~