Do you only schedule meetings with other people in your calendar? Here’s why that’s a mistake…


The mindset around time blocking and calendar management is one of the most important mindsets that we can adopt as entrepreneurs.  I talk to so small business owners who say that they only schedule appointments with themselves when they are meeting with someone else – they’re never scheduling a meeting just with themselves; an appointment, a time block, a calendar work session, when it’s just them.

And that such a mistake, because entrepreneurship- obviously, is deeply connected to the entrepreneur herself. So how we manage ourselves really matters. We are the genesis of the entrepreneurial organization. So meeting with ourselves to advance our businesses is highly recommended!

So here’s what I do: I schedule appointments with myself to work on the big projects that are going to advance my business. These are not the kind of things that I just put on a to-do list and I get to them when the mood strikes. Because you know what? The mood doesn’t often strike for me to just randomly do some business planning. Or randomly build out, you know,  a brand strategy for a new business or a concept that I want to launch.

Those are things that I have to organize myself and orient myself around and prepare for and get in the mindset for. And so when they’re in my calendar and I know it’s coming, I am reliable to then execute on that planning session.

And this is just an example of how to use time blocking and calendar management to really advance your business. So you want to be taking your appointments with yourself, as seriously as you are taking appointments with other people. You are the source- the genesis- the beginning of your entrepreneurial organization.

So meeting with yourself to advance the things that really matter in your business, is one of the best mindsets that you can adopt. The mindset of calendar blocking, and time management. ~