Are your feet to the fire? Let’s have a quick chat about “tricking yourself” into moving your life forward.


We’re going to talk today about the mindset of accountability. So any goal that you set for the first quarter, that’s not moving at the pace that you want, or moving in the direction that you want. Let’s think about layering in an accountability structure- an accountability mindset, to help you make that goal happen.

This first quarter is the stepping stone for the whole year.. so we want to build some great habits, and accountability is a great way to do that. So with an accountability, we are asking someone or a small group of people, to hold us accountable, to hold our feet to the fire, for the promises that we make to ourselves, and to others.

So you would want to set up a structure with a person that you trust, or a small group that you trust, maybe your business coach – and you would want to say “Look, these are the things that I’m going to do, and I’m going to track them, and I’m going to report in to you on how I’m doing, and if I’m not taking the action that I said I would take, we’re going to have a conversation about it – I want us to have a conversation.”

Or maybe you’ll use a negative consequence, and if you don’t take the action, you’re going to pay a fine or do something that’s uncomfortable. And if you do take the action repeatedly over time, you’re going to reward yourself in some way. So sometimes we have to kind of trick ourselves into doing the things that we know are going to move our life and our business forward – and that’s perfectly okay!

I’m using accountability right now in two critical places where I’m just challenged to really move them forward. You know, my health and my sleep is one of the areas, and my exercise – I’ve got an amazing accountability structure there, and with my dissertation – moving my dissertation forward. I’ve a got a great accountability partner who I meet with every weekend and every Wednesday night, to really take actions and get my butt in this seat, advancing that major major goal.

So think about the structure of accountability, the mindset of letting yourself be accountable… and put something in place that would really make an impact for you, and let me know how it goes!~