I’ve always been a highly confident person, and some would even say I tend to be overly confident. But earlier this year, I launched a project that I had worked on for months and it didn’t go as planned. My confidence took a hit.

Can you relate? 

I actually enjoyed the journey of regaining my mojo and here’s how I did it.

Success as an entrepreneur really depends on you and I being our best, most confident selves.

Have you ever experienced a setback that made you lose your confidence? I certainly have, and I want to share four things I did to get my mojo back.

1. First, I intentionally used hopeful statements. Rather than self talk about how things aren’t working out, focus on the positive, like even though this is hard, I can handle it. I’ve handled things like this before and I’ll do it again.

2. Next, forgive yourself. Assaulting yourself isn’t going to help you move forward. It’s only going to keep you stuck. Acknowledge your mistake and move on knowing that you’ve made other mistakes in the past and you are still here running your business like a boss.

3. Also, consider what you’ve learned. We can proactively use our setbacks to purposely and deliberately create success. So take stock in what you’ve learned and leverage it towards the future.

4. Lastly, take care of yourself. Do something physical. Do things you enjoy. Spend time with people who make you happy and be gentle with yourself. You’ve got this.

Erin Joy