People often say entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, and I tend to agree.

Sometimes we’re flying high, sometimes we’re on the downswing, and other times we’re slowly chugging along getting ready for the next phase of the ride.

As entrepreneurs, we occasionally get stuck in the chugging along phase. After 27 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve gotten stuck and unstuck a number of times.

Below, I share my 3-point action plan to get unstuck.

It can be so frustrating and downright scary when our businesses get stuck.

It happens to everyone.

We’re movin’ along, everything seems great in the business, and before we know it, the momentum has slowed down. And now we are concerned.

So I want to share my three point action plan for getting unstuck:

  1. Get in communication

    Communication creates the space in your business for performance. So who do you need to be communicating with? Are you stuck because in part, you’ve stopped communicating with your team, with your spouse, with your advisors? Figure out who you need to be communicating with and then get in touch.

  2. Get in action

    We know that action produces results. More often than not, no results is because no action. So what action do you need to take to move your business forward? What action do you need to be inspiring from your team to move your business forward? Make a list and get in action, because action produces results.

  3. Nurture your wellbeing

    YOU are the space that your business shows up inside of, and so an investment in you is an investment in your business. So what do you need to be doing for yourself? What do you need to be providing for yourself, nurturing in yourself, to make that investment in yourself…which is an investment in your business?

Give these three things together a try.

They work in harmony together, and let me know how it goes for you. Let’s get the energy moving in your business once again.

Erin Joy