Are you ready to get back to your life? Ready or not, it’s putting our basic routines back in place that will help us get back to where we all wanted to be pre-Covid.


I’m creating a new mindset around Covid Recovery, and I think one of the first components of this mindset is going back to the basics.

So if you’re an entrepreneur like me and you’ve been through the ringer over the last year, and it is spring, and the vaccine is here… I think it’s time to start out Covid Recovery plan.

And there’s some things we need to do in our business, but there’s also the basics to get back to about ourselves as entrepreneurs. I think it has to do with focusing on sleep, exercise, what we’re eating, basically our routines – and getting our routines back in order, as part of the foundation that really supports us in our life and in our business.

So if you’re feeling a little untethered, uncentered, maybe a little off your game – focus on the basics: the routines that keep you rock solid. Diet, exercise, sleep, maybe it’s meditation, your evening routine, your morning routine, whatever it is that helps you feel your best.

So part of the covid recovery plan is going back to the basics. ~