billy goat chip companyTheresa Rein, after graduating with Honors from Loyola University in Chicago with a B.A. in Business Administration/Marketing and a Minor in Women’s Studies, returned to St. Louis and began employment at The Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar, which paved the way for her to later launch the wildly popular Billy Goat Chip Company as a junior partner and investor. She currently acts as plant manager, overseeing day-to-day operations, employees and production.

Theresa joined us in September 2012 to discuss how she and her partners chose to navigate a variety of challenges that continue to rocket Billy Goat to success, including:

  • Ceasing full restaurant operations in favor of developing a niche artisan chip market
  • Outsourcing production of their proprietary seasoning to another local company
  • Evolving from a tiny facility to purchasing and building out a new custom facility
  • Growing and managing a team of dedicated employees, both on-site and in the field
  • Expanding and overseeing distribution to other markets
  • Varying product distribution both through restaurants and directly to the public
  • Discovering advantages and challenges of a 3-way partnership

Unfortunately, we were unable to capture video from this terrific event…all the more reason to be sure to attend in person! Learn more about The Billy Goat Chip Company at