January 2nd we held our very first Icarus Session, as urged by the one and only Seth Godin. You can learn more about the intention behind the Icarus Sessions by clicking on the first link, but in short each attendee gives a “presentation” of 140 seconds at most, telling the group about their “art”…what they’ve created, what frightens them, what matters. Not a pitch. An act of brave vulnerability.

I made this.
It scared me.
This might not work.
Here’s how it changed me.
What do you think?

We met at the cozy and sublime Stone Spiral Coffee Shop in Maplewood, and gave away a copy Seth’s new book, The Icarus Deception, by drawing.  (The woman who won the book, incidentally, happened to have shared during her 140 seconds that she’s ready to stop watching so much TV and start reading–what a sign!)

I used a timer and each woman used their 140 seconds, with no one stopping early. Everyone at the table shared what they’re creating, what frightens them, what matters. It was a really diverse group of women, with the youngest being a recent college grad (who shared about her love of sociology and how she parlays this into sales) and the oldest being 60+. We had a childbirth educator, a sail boat business owner, a magazine owner, a personal training business owner, an owner of an office fixture company, a mortgage broker, a consultant on personal presentation…and me. I personally shared that I’m afraid I don’t have anything unique enough to cut through the clutter of the marketplace with all the other speakers and authors out there, but all I really want to do is make a difference for people…so I have to just keep placing my faith in that.  Transparency is our middle name, right? (Well technically, I guess “Dress” is our middle name, but you get what I’m throwing down.)

Anyhow, that was our first group!  Here are a few snapshots from the night:

And finally, some much appreciated feedback from one of the participants, Amy Narishkin of St. Louis Sail & Paddle:

“Wanted to thank you for organizing the awesome Icarus group. I had prayed for a woman or group of women to support and hold me accountable and voila! I appreciate that you asked me to focus on the strategic stuff and realize that everyone goes through what I’m experiencing (love that I’m developing a muscle), Joanne reminded me to focus on what is (gratitude for what is and not what isn’t), and Caroline asked me to “own” the business (that’s the hardest one for me to wrap my mind around right now for some reason but I can definitely see the gaping hole!). I want more! What is the date for next month?”

To learn more about our next Icarus event, and to sign up, click here. We’ll also be giving away another copy of Seth’s book.  Hope to see you there!