The proverb “the days are long but the years are short” resonates loudly during the summer months. Where did the first half of the year go?

This midpoint signals that it’s time for a critical mid-year business review (MYBR) — so that was our focus in June’s peer advisory roundtable discussions. While at first roundtable members approached this session with a hint of dread (after all, it’s uncomfortable — BUT NECESSARY — being held accountable), our discussions and in-person exercises quickly revealed the significant value in this checkpoint. 

Even for the most focused entrepreneur, the MYBR is an invaluable exercise; it offers an opportunity to reflect on progress and ask,

  1. Are we on-track?
  2. Is course-correcting needed?

(PS – An exciting revelation was that the majority of roundtable members reported being on-track with their goals set in January. Yay for accountability!)

Are you ready to see how you’ve fared, and what needs to be done to finish the year strong? Read on below…


  • Are your annual goals in need of polish or re-prioritizing?  
  • What are your ‘ah-ha’s’ from the first six months of the year?
  • What are your key takeaways to reflect on and take action on?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by year-end?

The MYBR signals a time to refresh, rewrite, and revisit your goals and then define your next steps. Most importantly, as you do your MYBR, know that there’s no single right road.

Prioritizing the time for the MYBR process is what matters most. Think of it as an investment in the long-term health and well-being of your business. And be sure to give yourself kudos for all you’ve accomplished so far this year! (Most of us don’t give ourselves nearly enough credit for our achievements. Pause here for a self-hug or pat on your own back!)


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Follow-through is critical; be accountable (see more on this below) and realistic with yourself
  3. Break it down: Look for opportunities for recurring monthly traction

And for the roundtable members who recognized they have a few goals that aren’t advancing as quickly as they’d like, we explored a super-effective way to shift things into a higher gear:



We don’t just talk about moving things forward in our businesses, we take real, tangible action to make it happen! Circle members paired-up with partners for accountability for 30 days and selected (at least) one thing we consider to be ‘at risk’ but critical for moving things forward in our businesses—something we’ve been feeling a bit stuck with, but want to feel positive momentum on.     

We’re following these how-to’s for working effectively as accountability partners:

  1. Determine what specifically you want to be held accountable for
  2. Share that with your accountability partner (be specific: what and by when)
  3. Determine what support structure works best for you (e.g. text, calls, email, in-person meetings)
  4. Get it on your calendar
  5. Take action
  6. Update your partner regularly
  7. Use your partner if you get stuck
  8. Support your partner the way she wants to be supported

Do you use an accountability partner? If not, give it a try! I can’t wait to hear about your results and positive traction using this approach!

My challenge for you:

What might serve as your business’ pivot point based on what you’ve learned about mid-year business reviews and accountability partnering? How can you shift these things into higher gear for yourself and your team while keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead? In your challenges, remember that small and consistent changes over time add up to big change and steady growth.


Erin Joy

P.S. – Think you don’t have the bandwidth for a mid-year business review as a solopreneur? No matter your business size, prioritize working on your business instead of in it every dayLearn more during our Time Management & Calendaring Online Workshop on August 10th — RSVP now!