They say perfection is the enemy of DONE. This statement has been ringing loud and true for me this week as I postponed yet another date with myself to prepare my first true blog post. Yes, we’ve posted a little something here and there in the past, but for years I’ve wanted to make a habit of downloading my daily thoughts as fuel for regular business blogging. For years I’ve meant to get “around to it” but never did. My assistant and I would schedule blocks of time to work together on the launch of the blog, but those work sessions would inevitably be rescheduled (and re-rescheduled) because something “more important” would come up (speaking of…another blog on “Protecting Your Time” to come later). We’ve done the planning, the research, created the tools, and now it’s simply just time to get down to business!

The idea that this blog post had to be perfect was keeping me from sitting down and writing. Even as I write now I’m thinking I should write something else. I see this with my coaching & consulting clients all the time. They don’t write the case study unless they can do it perfectly. They don’t make the sales calls unless they have the perfect response to every objection. They don’t update their website because they want to be able to execute on that update perfectly, and they still need to learn a little something about WordPress before they can update it so it can be perfect. Meanwhile, it’s still lying there imperfect, a Catch-22. Now can you see why perfection is the enemy of DONE? Well…

screw perfection

Here’s what I decided in order to get over my desire for perfection about this blog post:

At the end of the day, I’m committed to being IN ACTION.

I’ve found that action absolutely produces results. And I know that even if my action isn’t perfectly well thought out and planned (or perfectly written and formatted, in this case), the results I produce are due to the actions I DO take.

Where are you letting your need for perfection stop you from being in action?

What would be possible if you release your quest for perfection and simply get in action?

I’m not the most brilliant writer, and I may not know everything there  is to know about WordPress, but I’ve come to realize that writing and posting something (anything!) is better than writing nothing at all. I’m committed to writing regularly even if it’s not perfect. I choose done over perfect any day of the week. How about you? Still not convinced? Then read on to find out 4 Reasons Why Perfect Is the Enemy of Done. And remember…”The world does not reward perfectionists. It rewards people who can get things done.”