As we work toward accepting the phase we are in with the virus and how it relates to our businesses, I’m re-engineering my lifestyle to accommodate.


What you resists persists, and what you accept, transforms. This is an extremely valuable mindset that I picked up from my dear friend and teacher, Matthew Ferry.

And it’s relevant to for me, and I think for you right now because we are at a stage of a phase with this virus and with our businesses where we need to accept that this is the state that we are going to be in for some time. Personally, I’m counting on about another eighteen months before we have a vaccine and we have widespread vaccination, and the pressures on the economy start to lift.
So I am focused on really accepting the state that we are in, the phase that we are in, and embracing it. And in doing so, I am interested in re-engineering my lifestyle and my business, appropriate to the conditions that we’re working in today.
The situation that we’re in, is the situation that we’re in. I found myself resisting a little bit, wishing it wasn’t true, hoping it goes away quickly, when all the data, all the research I’m doing, all the conversations I’m having are pointing to, that we’re going to be here awhile.
So now what? What is there for you to accept? And in accepting, what do you want to transform, what could transform?
So as I mentioned, I’m re-engineering my lifestyle. I’ve already re-engineered my business, but now I’m pausing to look more deeply at the business and looking at: if this is is for the next eighteen months, what else needs to change? What do I want to change, what do I want to transform?
So I’m inviting you into the mindset that what you resist persists, and what you accept, transforms.
On the topic of other offerings and things that I have going on, I’m getting ready to pull back on my Tuesday and Thursday morning Facebook Lives, because I’m accepting the phase that we’re in, and I’m now going to shift my energy over to a new offering that you’ll be hearing about soon. And, I’m re-engineering my lifestyle around my home and with entertaining friends with socially distanced front porch gatherings here at my house, and buying firepits, and things to really embrace this phase that we’re in.
So I just wanted to share those things with you. I’ll be bringing back the State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders in the fall. But I am accepting that this is a time to kind of hunker down and stay close to home and to reinvent, and I hope you’ll join me in that mindset, and make some changes just like I’m making changes, you can make some changes too!
And you might have started things at the start of the pandemic that now, just like me it’s time to pull back on, that’s okay. What you resist persists, and what you accept transforms.