Who you are as a whole person matters in your business. So what are all the parts of a “whole person” that you should pay attention to? More below..


Entrepreneurial Wellness is where it’s at. The mindset of your wellness, your wellbeing as an entrepreneur, focusing on that mindset is going to fortify you for the years ahead of this journey that you and I are on.
So what is entrepreneurial wellness? It’s really this mindset that you you are as a whole person matters in your business. And that you taking care of your physical wellbeing, your spiritual wellbeing, your financial wellbeing, you having pleasure and satisfaction in your life, meaningful relationships – that all of those things contribute to or detract from, the health of your business.

So this is my area of expertise as a doctoral candidate studying business psychology, specifically success and wellbeing among entrepreneurs. And I will tell you that based on my own experience, my consulting practice, my coaching practice and my academic studies, I’m absolutely convinced that we as entrepreneurs can achieve our goals, I’m going to say- better or faster, certainly more enjoyably by focusing on being a whole person. You know, the solutions that we are looking for to impact our business, don’t come only from being a hard worker, putting our heads down and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps and working hard -that’s part of it. Another big part of it is treating yourself as a whole person, and making sure that you’re tending to every aspect of your person and your business and your life so that your wellness, your wellbeing is really what fuels your business.
So join me in taking on the mindset of entrepreneurial wellness, entrepreneurial wellbeing, being the thing to create the strongest foundation for your business.
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