“What the hell is wrong with you?” “Why did you do it that way?” …Is this the tone you’re taking with yourself? Let’s talk.


I made a mistake recently and I found myself beating myself up, and I felt bad about it! And I realized that I needed to bring forward the mindset of self forgiveness- and maybe you do to! That’s my Monday Mindset for you; is self forgiveness. Look, everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you have opened up and your competitors have stayed closed. Or maybe your competitors have opened up and you have stayed closed. Maybe you hired someone or tried to bring employees back to work and it’s not working out the way you wanted it to because you’ve made some missteps. We’re all learning and growing, and now more than ever, self forgiveness – forgiving ourselves for the mistakes that we’ve made. We need to address this now more than ever so that we can free up our energy to focus on our businesses and our wellbeing, not on beating ourselves up for something we did in the past that we can’t change.
So, this week I am encouraging you to step into the mindset of forgiving yourself. You did the best you know how to do. And what’s important now is that you reflect on what you’ve learned, and you make meaningful change.
Thanks for coming to listen to my Monday Mindset, and as always, join me for Facebook Live over on my personal Facebook page on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings at 8:30am Central time, and always- State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders, on Friday mornings at 10:00am Central time.
I haven’t done those things perfectly either. This video’s not perfect! But, I’m going to keep practicing the mindset of forgiving myself, so that I can free up my energy to focus on my business, and things that are really going to advance my life. Join me.