Can you cast aside 50% of the projects you have going on? All in the name of focusing on what’s really important to move the needle in your business? I bet you can. Because I recently did this myself and if I can do it, so can you. Let’s talk.


Today’s Monday Mindset is all about the mindset of focus. And – we have been talking since the pandemic hit I have been talking about: Re-examining everything. Putting everything on the table for consideration. As to whether we want to keep it in our lives and in our businesses moving forward or not. I have found myself now finally doing about fifty percent as much work as I was doing. Now, I don’t mean in terms of the number of hours, but in terms of how many different projects I’m working on, in any work day or week or month. I have majorly limited the focus.

And that’s my invitation for you today; to think about where you are focused that has – maybe it’s time to let it go. Maybe it’s something that you’re afraid to let go of, or you have convinced yourself that it’s absolutely critical to your business- but is it? You know, if you worked with a coach or you worked with a consultant or you had a great conversation with a peer or a friend- might you poke holes in that and find that it doesn’t need to be a part of your focus anymore?

I am loving the opportunity to narrow my focus so that I can make a bigger impact with my current clients, and I can set myself up to support more clients. So I defined on, the work “focus” and I want to share with you here: it’s “a center of activity. An attraction or attention”. Focus is defined as “a point of concentration, directed attention”. And I have been focused on too many things, and I wonder if you have been? So do you want to join me in narrowing our focus? Narrowing our focus to about half as many thin- and things that are really going to move the needle in our business, and create the kind of experience that we want to have, and that our customers and out clients want to have. I would really love to hear your thoughts; just reply to this email, or comment on this social media post and let me know: how are you narrowing your focus? We’ll talk soon!