Pssst… You hear that? Your business is trying to tell you something.

And now’s really the time to listen. More on this in today’s Mindset Monday video.


Let’s talk about letting go. You know, the mindset of letting go is so important in ordinary times, and in these extraordinary times when our businesses are changing, the external environment is changing so quickly, the mindset of letting go is really important, and I think one that is going to support our profitability, our productivity, the fulfilling of our vision and of our passions. And so you know, the business that you had, the business that I had, coming into the pandemic, may not be the business that we have coming out of it. And it may be time to let go of the old version of not only ourselves, but the old version of our business.

And you might be experiencing that with these changes in the external environment, that your business is starting to head in a new direction and perhaps you’re holding on, trying to maintain what the business was pre-pandemic. And I want to encourage you to take on this mindset of letting go, and to take on letting your business go where it wants to go. I always say that our business has an energy outside of us. Our business is not just us- you know, as entrepreneurs it can feel like we are our business, and in many ways we are, but our business is a distinct entity, and I think that the market sometimes tells us where the business should go, the business kind of tells us where it wants to go, if we listen.

And to listen and to really take it in, it takes letting go of what we had planned in the past, and letting this new energy unfold. So, join me in this mindset of letting go- and let me know, what are you letting go of? And what are you making space for, in that letting go?