How will your life be looking this summer, and will it fuel your business’ success? (Hint: This is NOT about sitting at your desk grinding it out.)


I am continuing to lean into the mindset of transformation and this phase that we’re in with this virus and our economy and our lives, and we’re heading into summer! And it is time to transform how we want our business and our lives to look throughout the summer. The way I see it we’ve got about 10-12 weeks to really channel the energy of summer into our business. We get to create something, the mindset of creativity. We get to create something this summer that’s going to be healthy for us, and for our businesses.
For me, it’s going to be all about adventures. Safe, healthy adventures outside. And not sitting at this desk every day for ten and twelve hours a day. But really, on purpose, in my calendar creating how I want my summer to look- and doing it in honor of my business. One thing that I know, is that wellbeing fuels success. And having an enjoyable, pleasant, energy giving summer is good for my wellbeing, and that is good for my business.
So with me, lean into creating your summer in honor of your business.
I also want to tell you about my Business Owner Bootcamp, that launches on Monday June 1st. It’s a twelve week program, and my colleague Andrea Arco over at Arco & Associates- she and I are partnering to bring you twelve weeks of very timely and relevant coaching and consulting about what do we all need to be focusing on in our businesses starting on June 1st?
For twelve weeks, how are we going to use that time to set ourselves up for a strong 2020.
So I’d love for you to join us for the Business Owner Bootcamp. It’s a twelve week program, $495 dollars, we’ll meet every single week and we are going to walk you through this next phase of transformation that we’re all in.
I’ll continue to see you on that State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders.
And stay tuned for all of the exciting and amazing things we have coming out of the St. Louis Small Business Task Force.
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