I’ve been somewhere these last 8 weeks and think you should consider going here too! More on this in today’s Mindset Monday…


Hey Everybody I am back! I’m back with a Mindset Monday.. where have I been? I have been retooling my business, which is what today’s Mindset Monday video is all about. Are you giving yourself the space? The space to create, the space to retool? So that’s where I’ve been for about the last eight weeks. I haven’t put out one of these videos in awhile because I needed to go… very internal, inside, and be very quiet for awhile to create something new.

So my challenge to you today is to do just that. To give yourself that space. To give yourself some quiet, to give yourself some time, so that you can think clearly and see clearly and create and get your creation in motion. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of effort, to give birth to something new!

So I’ve been giving birth, if you will- to Black Dress Circle 2.0, which is a new version on my peer advisor group experience for women entrepreneurs and we are fully launched now in October. So stay tuned for some more info on that, but more importantly I want to invite you, I am inviting, and I’m even challenging you to give yourself that space and that time. To step back, to create, to be a little quiet, to not be putting yourself out there all the time, so that you can do a great job with your retooling… And, I’ll see you all soon!