I’ve got an oldie but a goodie for you today, framed in a different way, and with a different twist. It may help to empower you or get you out of any current ruts that you’re in, so listen up.


Ok today’s mindset is an oldie but a goodie; and that is that action produces results. So look, whether it is social justice that you want to impact, or your business in the coronavirus pandemic era, or it is your health, or your alcohol consumption, or your sleep schedule or your exercise routine- whatever it is that you want to impact it’s action that produces results.
Now we want to couple that action with intention – what is your intention? And what is the corresponding action that is going to support you in fulfilling that intention?
So the first place you need to get clear, that I need to get clear, that we all need to get clear, is: what is our intention? And from there we can create the corresponding actions that are going to have us fulfill that intention.
So I want you to be thinking today, this week, about embracing the mindset of being in action, specifically on being in action, fulfilling your intentions.
I’m about to cut back my State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders to every other Friday. I guess it will be a bi-weekly call with local leaders.
You know, I take my own coaching, I take my own advice, and I have other things in my life that I want to impact, including my own business and my own wellbeing, and one of the things that I have to do to impact those areas of my life, those critical areas of life, is to pull back a little bit. And sometimes that is the action to take. Like today, when I took a nap, because that was the right thing to do to support myself and my business and the intention that I’m here to fulfill.
So, I’ll see you every other Friday, for the State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders. And, let’s all stay focused on taking actions that fulfill our intentions, whatever those intentions may be. I’ll see you again soon.