Are you being “you”—the real you—with your team and others? Let me tell you about a conversation I recently had with my friend Mike…


My friend Mike inspired today’s Mindset Monday, which is all about authentic leadership.

Mike was sharing with me his relationship with his team members, and the loyalty that has built among his team because of his authentic leadership style. Now, I’m the one who called it an “authentic leadership style” -he was just describing to me how he worked with his people! And one of the things he said to me is that he really practices relational transparency with his team members. He’s not hiding things from them, he’s not trying to controls or manipulate them, he’s being genuine. Genuine in his interest in them, genuine in his sharing of his journey as their leader, and this relational transparency coupled with Mike’s self awareness of his own strengths and his own weaknesses, are creating the conditions for authentic leadership to emerge.

And so I want to inspire you today to look at yourself, and look at your strengths and weaknesses, and to be honest and authentic about them with yourself and others. And to put yourself out there, you know bring that relational transparency forward with your team members on social media. It’s so inspiring! People want to be around real and genuine people. So let yourself out. Let others see you. Take a little page out of Mike’s book like I have… and practice this week; authentic leadership. ~