When I get requests for one-on-one consults with clients, it’s often because they are struggling in their business—driving hard, but not getting the results they want and expect. Extreme stress levels are a common underlying theme.

Besides helping them identify key issues, I remind these clients that they alone have the ability to create an empowering context for themselves. This is something I’ve learned and apply daily at the helm of Black Dress Circle.

In this first of a three-part GPS series, I’ll share my five mission-critical mindset secrets for operating an uber-productive business without succumbing to daily overwhelm and while maintaining work-life harmony.

These make a huge difference for me, so I hope these five mindset perspectives will help you and your business soar as well…


Erin with Sarah Bernard on STL TV

Mindset 1: All Is Well

This fundamental mindset makes all other powerful mindsets possible for me. When I reinforce the ‘All Is Well’ mindset, I feel good (even when I don’t know for sure that everything truly is fine). It allows me to see and think clearly which leads to better decisions, bold and powerful actions.

People with positive energy attract positivity. When negative things come up for me, I quickly reframe them, recontextualize things and focus on my options. 


Mindset 2No Suffering

Suffering is simply intolerable to me. When I notice myself being upset, complaining (even if just in my head), or feeling bogged down, I label it as suffering. Next, I quickly explore three areas:

  1. I check my integrity. Have I made a promise I’m not keeping? Have I been untruthful or withheld information from someone? Do I need to clean up a mess I’ve made?
  2. I check my physiology. Am I tired? Have I been eating food that doesn’t support my health? Have I slacked on my exercise or other self-care routines?
  3. I communicate. I contact my performance coach or a close friend and share that I’m upset and need clarity. Communication makes upsets disappear. I say everything I need to say so I can move on.

You alone can create an empowering context for yourself

Mindset 3Empowerment Is Available

I always have a choice to be empowered. When I’m feeling powerless, I get into communication (see number two) to determine what conversation I’m having with myself that has me feeling powerless. I put that conversation to rest and I create a new one. For example, I was upset about a matter with my landlord because I felt I had low levels of power. A conversation with my coach reminded me that I could make a request to my landlord and if it wasn’t resolved satisfactorily, I could choose to move. Remembering that I had options provided relief. I made my requests; the landlord agreed; and now I’m empowered and staying put!


‘Cheersing’ success at our annual WBOE Party

Mindset 4: People Are ‘For’ Me

When I tell myself that people are rooting for me, it changes everything. Up until I was nearly 30, I felt like my peers were against me and questioned my value. (I uncovered that this came from growing up with conflict-prone friends.)

I now own my value and contributions, knowing that I’m a person who’s committed to making a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide. As my visibility expands, I experience support and goodwill from my community, and experience people as being ‘for’ me.

People do the best they can in the moment

Mindset 5: Practice Unconditional Love, Acceptance & Approval

… for all people (including myself) at all times, in all situations. I believe that people do the best they know how to do in the moment. This doesn’t mean I tolerate abusive behavior, poor customer service or deals that lack integrity. It simply means I don’t resist the way things are. It means I don’t melt-down about how people behave; that’s a time and energy drain. 

It took years for me to master these mindsets and some still occasionally fall into the ‘work in progress’ category. But as a whole, they keep me in an energetically and emotionally neutral state—a surprisingly extremely powerful state of being.

Do you struggle with these concepts? Hop on a Discovery Call and we can explore the underlying issues that are holding you back from peace of mind, and discuss how working together can put you on a path to a happier business (and personal!) life.



Erin Joy