Here’s another little preview of what you’re in for when you check out our upcoming book, The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results. Check out the authors below to get a little morsel of what each of their chapters are about.

Gabriela Ramirez-Arellano

In her chapter, Gabriela discusses how networking is a necessity in today’s day and age, and sympathizes with hard it can be because of all the pressure we put on ourselves. If you hear the word “networking” and it makes you want to run in the other direction, this is the chapter for you…Gabriela shares some tips that have helped her on many occasions, and will also help you!



Lisa Frumhoff

Lisa once felt pressured to keep the real estate business separate from who she really was. In her chapter, she shares how she now proudly displays her “woo-woo” self wherever she goes — and the business follows. There are 1,440 minutes each day, and you get to choose how many you will spend happy…Lisa herself is happiest when she honors her multi-faceted, authentic self, which vibrationally attracts the perfect people, and creates real connections.


Debi Corrie

Debi Corrie learned the hard way that failure is not about being right or wrong — it’s about being willing to move out of your comfort zone and take risks. In her chapter, she discusses how when you take risks, you fail…and by embracing failure in your life and business you will be successful.



Erin Joy

In her chapter on how strategic thinking leads to business success, Erin Joy takes the reader on a quick trip through her career, from 22-year-old real estate agent to owner of a vibrant coaching and consulting company, Black Dress Circle. Erin articulates the methods she’s adopted to turn eight fundamental business activities into levers that can steer any entrepreneur to success.