you_suck-250x300Have you ever thought of achieving success by admitting you suck? It’s like breaking an addiction – the first step is admitting you have a problem. So just how do you zero in on these weaknesses in a purposeful way, you ask? Here’s a quick summary:

1. Write out your goals

2. List what strengths you already have that will help achieve these goals

3. List what weaknesses you have that could prevent you from achieving these goals

4. Figure out how to mitigate the weaknesses in the way of achieving success

5. Figure out how to strengthen your strengths and strive for status

That’s essentially it! Just be sure you don’t stray into trying to correct weaknesses (or strengths) that won’t help your cause(s). Read the following article for more insight:

Do you know what Peyton Manning is really good at? Playing football. Do you know what he’s probably not very good at? About 10,000 other things that aren’t football.

And guess what, that’s okay. Because Peyton Manning is one of the most recognizable and successful athletes on the planet. And he got there by being really good at football. So you, as an entrepreneur or businessperson, should follow suit. You should focus on what you’re good at and start admitting to what you suck at doing.

Why? Because no one ever became a raging success for being “somewhat good at a lot of stuff.” In fact, you rarely if ever stand out unless you focus on your strengths. No one ever refers their friend to “my mechanic who’s also not so bad at web design” or their “chiropractor who does some moonlighting as a voice coach.”

Instead, people refer and recognize those that stand out in their field. The same goes for business. Whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, you should be focused on making your strengths stronger and mitigating the damage your weaknesses can cause.

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