Our inaugural, intimate Speakeasy Networking Mixer was a success! New connections were made, friendships and alliances were forged, and furniture and accessories were bought (an unintended but awesome byproduct). Special thanks to Suzanne Woodard of The Refind Room for letting us host our event in her beautiful store!

Our focus for this particular event was “Dirty Little Secrets”…but what happens at the event, stays at the event, so all I can say was that it was totally liberating and inspiring…I really believe that the truth set everyone free!

We didn’t ask for testimonials, so here are a few self-initiated comments just gleaned from informal emails:

“Thank you Erin for a wonderful event…I am so thrilled with the connections…lets have a conversation about the flyer and the circle…thanks again!! I was thrilled!”

“I really enjoyed last night, Erin! Thanks so much! You are such an inspiration! I look forward to your next function!”

“Erin:  First…Awesome event!!!!! A lot more great things happening…reaching…stretching…growing…my practice as well as myself…laughing more and having fun…thank you Erin.”

We’ve tentatively scheduled our next Speakeasy event for May, so we hope you’ll join us. BUT PLEASE NOTE: We’ve decided to make this event even more prohibitive than originally planned, so if you want to be sure to receive an invite, please let us know, or be sure to attend our other events such as Seth Godin’s Icarus Sessions – STL Women’s Edition, Black Dress Biographies, and the forthcoming Black Dress Summit – as attendees to these events will have exclusive access to future Networking Mixers.

Now to the pictures! We’ll lead this off with my assistant’s favorite, because “I look so sassy.”

Hope to see you at the next event!