If there’s ever a time to prioritize how you’re feeling and how you’re doing, it’s now. So are you? In today’s #MindsetMonday, I have some updated thoughts about one of my favorite subjects–entrepreneurial well-being. It’s a fave because I’m CONVINCED it’s what helps your business thrive. Let’s discuss…


Can we talk about the mindset of wellbeing? Specifically entrepreneurial wellbeing. So this is a mindset that I’m convinced is a competitive advantage, when we are prioritizing our self care, our health, our wellbeing – we can use that as a vehicle for driving our business forward. I’m totally convinced that the entrepreneurs who really get ahead and achieve their goals with meaning behind them – prioritize themselves. And if there is ever a time to prioritize how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, your energy, your health – it’s during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s during a health pandemic with the stress on every entrepreneur is triple what it is in ordinary times.

And so, when I talk about wellbeing, I’m not talking about seeing the doctor and doing yoga every day although those are important things to do. I am talking about prioritizing sleep, I’m talking about having a routine for your day. I’m talking about simple things like taking a warm bath every night so you can decompress from the day and think about the day ahead. I’m talking about drinking more water and being careful about your caffeine consumption so that you can regulate your sleep.

So, would you take on the mindset of entrepreneurial wellbeing with me, and see how it fuels yours energy and that energy can pour into your business.

Now, my Monday Mindset is now a “Monday Mindset and More” video. So I want to tell you about a couple of things I have coming up. Every Friday  I have the State of St. Louis Business; Weekly Call with Local Leaders- super excited about the lineup in the weeks ahead. Come and join us Fridays at 10:00 AM on Zoom, and sometimes *fingers crossed* on Facebook Live.

Now, I personally go live on Facebook every morning at 8:30 AM on my personal Facebook page, and I share a message with entrepreneurs about what I’m experiencing, what my clients are experiencing, what I have my eyes on, what I’m reading and researching, and I’d love for you to come hang out Monday through Friday 8:30 AM Central time on Facebook.

Alright, I’ll see you guys all soon. Let’s take on that mindset of entrepreneurial wellbeing.