In my ongoing mission to provide value to your business, I’ll be using this monthly blog, Pivot Point, to share a few reflections from our monthly Black Dress Circle peer roundtables. These reflections give a taste of key concepts and tactics shared with clients who are members of these growth-propelling monthly sessions that I facilitate through my coaching and consulting company, Black Dress Partners. When business owners absorb and take action on Black Dress Circle content and insights, everyone is that much closer to meeting their goals!

For those curious about the reasoning behind calling this blog Pivot Point, it’s inspired by a key belief shaped by my business consulting and coaching work and PhD studies in business psychology. Here’s what’s clear to me…

As business owners, we make hundreds of daily decisions, big and small. The decisions offer us nearly endless opportunities to either grow or stagnate (or worse). Intentional and consistent growth requires us to be nimble and recognize key points to pivot our business practices and work smarter. Mastering our pivot points is a key to success.


And with that…here’s to your success!